Bourjois cosmetics


Bourjois is a cosmetics brand born in France. I had been using Bourjois make-up products since I was a teenager. I bought their mascara, blush, foundation, eyeliners, nail colors and so on. Especially my favorite was blush No.54 Rose Frisson. It was a small round pink container, looked so lovely. I never used the attached brush, by the way.

However, in May 2014, Bourjois decided to withdraw from Japan. Their products are not available in Japan anymore. How sad.

I can still buy my favorite blush from overseas websites like Feelunique if I want to, it costs only 7.99 GBP. But the delivery fee is 15 GBP. That means I could buy another one for the delivery fee. Or free delivery if I spend more than 60 GBP… Should I buy it? I can not decide.


Just added Pixel art page, a place to show off my old creations. Take a look!

12 Books I want to read in 2017


Though it is a little late for setting a new year’s resolution. Here is a list of my want-to-read books.

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@ Fuji, Shizuoka


Mt. Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan.

I had some errands and visited Fuji today. The weather was nice, I could see the whole city from the balcony of my mother’s apartment, so I took a picture.

Today’s status

It’s freezing! Could not withstand the cold, I turned on an electric heater that I would not normally use. While sitting on the couch and enjoying the warmth, suddenly I remembered (remember or remembered ? English is not my native language…) that I had made a little mistake at work. And I should not have googled about “making mistakes at work”. Now I’m too worried about my job. I won’t be able to sleep tonight.

Listening to Solid Steel Radio Show 03/02/2017 hour 2 – Jesse Osborne-Lanthier

Today’s status

Good morning!

Woke up too early (it’s 3:48 a.m.) I don’t know what to do… Should I go back to sleep? Or should I stay awake and have a cup of coffee?

Today’s status


Currently reading Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan on Kindle