25 GIFs for relaxing Sunday

This is my favorite





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Oh Shenandoah

When I think about my mother, I always remember this song.

A year ago today she died. I would like to write about her and myself a little. I am not good at writing, but I will try anyway.

My mom and dad divorced when I was a baby. I know nothing about dad except his name. I was raised by the single hand of mom. I was her only child and she was my only family.

After graduated high school, she wanted me to go to music school. She liked classical music. I wanted to go to university (whatever they teach) before start thinking about actual, serious career. Eventually I chose music school and learned to become a music teacher.

Despite graduating from music school, I found that I didn’t want to be a music teacher. I was more interested in being an engineer. Mom didn’t agree with that. Maybe I made her disappoint. Anyway I started working as a mechanical engineer. But our mom-daughter relationship was not going well since then.

Two years ago, a warm day in May, I received a postcard. It was from mom. It said that cancer came back to her again and her doctor wanted to talk to me. I remember my feet trembling the first time I visited the doctor’s office.

After that visit, mom and I started texting each other. About weather, physical condition, job, paintings she has drawn. Nothing special. I still keep these texts in my cell phone, locked, so that no one can accidentally delete.

Everyday I think about mom and her dedicated life. Did cancer torment her? Was she happy as my mother? The answer does not seem to be found.

I am sorry for not being a good daughter.
Thank you for everything.
I love you.

Dream Day True Love

I can’t believe it’s April already! The highest temperature has dropped below 7°C in Tokyo. It’s still February here, isn’t it? I cancelled today’s go-out plan and playing a game for hours.

The games title is Dream Day True Love, a classic hidden object game. Simple rules, beautiful graphics and sounds, this is a good game for beginners like me. I recommend this to everyone who likes light-hearted games.


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Farewell, my BlackBerry


Two years ago, NTT Docomo announced that they will terminate BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) in Japan on March 31, 2017. The reasons seem to be the rise of iPhone and Android and decrease of BlackBerry users. BlackBerry isn’t popular in Japan these days and its user like me might be considered as endangered species.

I have always been very satisfied with my BlackBerry. One of my favorite features is QWERTY keypad. Most smartphones sold in Japan have flick input for Japanese input methods. I don’t like flick input. QWERTY is better! Physical keypad is better!

Anyway, without BIS, my BlackBerry Bold 9900 will become just a phone receiver. No Internet, no emails, no apps. I have to find my next favorite smartphone. Maybe Huawei P9 Lite or … I don’t know. I already miss my BlackBerry.


Just added Pixel art page, a place to show off my old creations. Take a look!

@ Fuji, Shizuoka


Mt. Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan.

I had some errands and visited Fuji today. The weather was nice, I could see the whole city from the balcony of my mother’s apartment, so I took a picture.

A dream of old and strange clothes

I’m going to write about a dream I had this morning, before it disappear from my memory completely.


In my room, I was sitting on the floor and sorting out my clothes. There were old clothes I’ve never owned in reality, like a denim skirt with green ribbon or chunky oatmeal sweater in my closet. But I didn’t wonder why these clothes were here. When I looked at the outside through dirty window, laundries were wet with the rain. I noticed it was raining.

Suddenly, an old white puffy coat appeared in front of me. I inspected the coat carefully then thought that this coat was left to me by my relative. It had zippers on both shoulders and they were broken. I thought so because every time I pulled up the zipper closure, it went down by itself. Gradually the coat changed its color to light pink.
I showed the coat to a woman at the cleaner to ask how to handle this strange stuff. I don’t remember what her answer was.

What do you think this dream means? I can’t find any convincing interpretation.